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Discounts for Associates
Group of Links   Discounts for Associates
PDF Document 2021 Discount Tickets Posted 3/29/21 9:16 AM
PDF Document AT&T Discounts FAQ Posted 3/10/16 7:30 AM
PDF Document ATT MedAssets Discount Posted 3/10/16 7:28 AM
PDF Document Dani K Discount Posted 7/5/16 12:37 AM
PDF Document Harlow Pool at McDaniel College Posted 4/15/16 10:46 AM
PDF Document Hertz Car Rental Program Outline Posted 4/12/12 12:03 AM
PDF Document Hertz FAQ Posted 4/12/12 12:03 AM
PDF Document MedAssets Discounts for Associates Posted 5/3/13 9:36 AM
PDF Document Priority 1 Automotive Corporate Partnership (BMW & MINI Discounts) Posted 5/3/17 11:48 AM
PDF Document Sears Information Posted 4/12/12 12:06 AM
PDF Document Sears Kenmore Information Posted 4/12/12 12:06 AM
PDF Document Staples Discount Posted 3/7/16 1:50 PM
PDF Document Verizon Discount Posted 9/20/16 12:33 AM
PDF Document VZW Healthcare E-Billing Setup Flyer Posted 10/6/15 7:33 AM
PDF Document Westminster Family Fitness Center Posted 4/15/16 10:50 AM
PDF Document YMCA Flyer Posted 9/27/16 9:59 AM
Group of Links   Forms - Access for Associates to frequently used forms.
PDF Document API Timecard Modification Form Posted 2/6/17 3:13 PM
Hyperlink Associate WOW Nomination Form The Associate WOW program recognizes employees who go above and beyond on a daily basis. Posted 2/14/12 9:33 AM
PDF Document Badge Request Form Posted 3/22/19 1:05 PM
PDF Document Cash Out Form Posted 3/8/22 1:20 PM
PDF Document Direct Deposit Form Posted 6/25/19 7:33 AM
PDF Document Emergency Hardship Request Posted 8/3/18 10:58 AM
PDF Document HIPAA Disclosure Form This is an authorization for to disclose protected health information. Posted 2/14/12 9:37 AM
PDF Document Leave Request Form Need some time off for a vacation, a doctors visit, or just a day to relax. Fill out this request form. Posted 2/14/12 9:38 AM
Word Document Medical and Personal Leave of Absence Form Posted 10/28/21 9:43 AM
Word Document Reasonable Accommodation Request Form Posted 8/1/18 10:04 AM
PDF Document Request for Leave of Absence for Medical Reasons Posted 3/8/12 11:13 AM
PDF Document Return from Leave of Absence This form will need to be completed by you and your attending physician when you return from an extended leave of absence. Posted 2/14/12 9:40 AM
PDF Document Voter Registration Maryland Use this form to register to vote in Maryland Posted 2/14/12 9:44 AM
PDF Document Voter Registration Pennsylvania Use this form to register to vote in Pennsylvania. Posted 2/14/12 9:44 AM
PDF Document W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Form 2020 Posted 4/27/20 10:11 AM
Maryland Tax Form 2019
PDF Document   Maryland Tax Form 2019 - Maryland Tax Form M2507 Posted 2/25/19 3:45 PM
New Hire Information
Group of Links   New Hire Information
PDF Document 2019 New Hire Information Posted 6/25/19 7:27 AM
PowerPoint Presentation Benefits Presentation Posted 6/25/19 7:34 AM
PowerPoint Presentation Contact Sheet Posted 6/26/19 7:09 AM
PowerPoint Presentation Just Culture Posted 6/25/19 7:35 AM
PDF Document Required Upon Hire List Posted 4/11/17 3:52 PM
Systems Access
Group of Links   Systems Access
Hyperlink API System Access Associate portal for Time and Attendance.
Posted 11/17/11 10:26 AM
Hyperlink Email Access Follow this link if you need e-mail access, or are having e-mail access issues. Posted 12/9/11 3:16 PM
Hyperlink Peoplefluent Website Posted 11/17/11 11:59 AM
Tuition Link
Group of Links   Tuition Link - Please use the link below for Tuition Reimbursement

LBH Tuition Reimbursement Application (Non-Union) (
Useful Links & Information
Group of Links   Useful Links & Information - Useful Links
PDF Document 2022 Holiday Schedule Posted 9/17/21 2:35 PM
PDF Document 2022 Pay Schedule Posted 10/20/21 2:27 PM
Other Link Type 2023 Holiday Schedule Posted 10/19/22 5:21 AM
PDF Document Badge Reader Locations Posted 2/15/12 11:02 AM
PDF Document Code of Conduct Posted 10/11/19 1:04 PM
PDF Document Earned Income Tax Credit Eligibility Posted 12/10/17 3:13 PM
PDF Document Employee Services Service Level Agreements Posted 10/23/17 9:59 AM
Hyperlink Exit Survey Posted 2/14/12 9:21 AM
PDF Document Funeral Services Discount Policy - MetLife Posted 8/18/17 1:47 PM
PDF Document How to Access Pay Earning & Pay Deduction Abbreviation Codes via BridgeNet Posted 1/22/18 12:42 AM
PDF Document Incident & Injury Reporting - New Procedure Effective 01/01/2017 Posted 5/3/17 1:17 PM
Hyperlink Internal Job Application Link To apply to internal jobs, please use this link Posted 11/19/20 12:30 AM
Excel Spreadsheet Mileage Reimbursement Form 2019 Please note that the mileage reimbursement forms are for local work-related travel only. Posted 9/30/19 9:15 AM
Excel Spreadsheet Notaries List The attached lists the available notaries throughout Carroll hospital and Carroll Hospice.  Please note that there are no charges for notary services for our patients and staff. Posted 5/7/20 9:05 AM
Excel Spreadsheet Pay Deduction Code Abbreviations (01/19/2018) Posted 1/22/18 12:38 AM
Excel Spreadsheet Pay Earning Code Abbreviations (01/19/2018) Posted 1/22/18 12:39 AM
PowerPoint Presentation Policy Standardization and Updates Posted 7/13/17 1:16 PM
PDF Document Talent Profile - Instructions on how to update your Talent Profile Posted 5/6/14 11:52 AM
PDF Document Time Editor Policy/ Time Card Modification Form Information Posted 3/3/17 3:26 PM
PDF Document Training Guide: Apply for Position Online Posted 4/11/12 7:48 AM
PDF Document What to Do if a Loved One Dies - A Checklist Posted 6/28/17 1:38 PM
W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Form 2022
Group of Links   W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Form 2022
PDF Document W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Form 2022 Posted 1/28/22 8:24 AM