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CHC PRN Administrative Assistance Request Form
PDF Document   CHC PRN Administrative Assistance Request Form Posted 4/10/14 12:13 AM
Daily Rounding Log
PDF Document   Daily Rounding Log Posted 2/15/12 10:51 AM
FMLA/API Coding Training Tool
PDF Document   FMLA/API Coding Training Tool Posted 9/23/19 7:36 AM
Leader Toolkit
PDF Document   Leader Toolkit - Quick reference guide for Leaders with key practices and additional resources┬áto assist you to balance and support your leadership role. Posted 3/12/12 8:56 AM
Leadership Tools: Active Staffer Guides
Group of Links   Leadership Tools: Active Staffer Guides
PDF Document Active Staffer - Associate Guide Posted 2/15/12 11:00 AM
PDF Document Active Staffer - Managers and Schedulers Posted 2/15/12 11:01 AM
PDF Document Active Staffer - Shift Coordinator Posted 2/15/12 11:01 AM
Leadership Tools: Discipline
Group of Links   Leadership Tools: Discipline
Word Document 2019 Time & Attendance Policy Posted 2/15/19 10:19 AM
Word Document Attendance Corrective Action Form Posted 2/15/19 10:24 AM
Word Document Attendance Tracking Form Posted 2/15/19 10:24 AM
Word Document Coaching & Counseling Form Posted 9/29/16 9:34 AM
Excel Spreadsheet Excel Tool to Track Time and Attendance on Point System Posted 2/25/19 12:44 AM
Word Document Just Culture Behavior Assessment Form Posted 1/23/15 11:54 AM
Word Document Performance Improvement Plan Posted 7/27/17 1:12 PM
PDF Document Problem Resolution and Appeal Policy Posted 9/29/16 9:36 AM
Word Document Problem Resolution Appeal Form Posted 9/29/16 9:37 AM
PDF Document Problem Resolution Appeal Process PowerPoint Posted 9/29/16 9:37 AM
PDF Document Separation Checklist Form Posted 12/17/21 1:34 PM
Word Document SPIRIT Violation Form Posted 9/29/16 9:35 AM
PowerPoint Presentation Time & Attendance Presentation (01-2019) Posted 2/15/19 10:21 AM
Other Link Type Unemployment Hearing Information for Managers

Starting July 1st we have a new vendor Equifax to help you through Unemployment Claims.


HR will provide the initial information and be reaching out to you for any additional information on Disciplinary Actions and/or Termination Reasons.  You will be receiving a link that will allow you to attached any additional information not already submitted to HR as well as enter your who will be attending the hearing if there is one scheduled.  Please remember timely responses are important to ensure everyone is prepared.  Untimely responses can result in fines and penalties to the organization.


Equifax will be contacting you by phone to prepare you for any unemployment hearings.  All hearings are conducted over the phone and need to be attended by yourself (or a manager from your department) our Equifax representative and your HRBP for additional support as well as a witness to events they were involved in.

Posted 7/24/17 9:44 AM
Leadership Tools: Education
Group of Links   Leadership Tools: Education
Hyperlink PeopleFluent & Cascading Goals Overview Posted 8/23/17 1:50 PM
PDF Document PeopleFluent Refresher Training Posted 8/23/17 1:45 PM
Leadership Tools: Engagement
Group of Links   Leadership Tools: Engagement
Leadership Tools: Job Descriptions
Group of Links   Leadership Tools: Job Descriptions
Hyperlink HRTMS Link Posted 5/28/14 12:59 AM
PDF Document HRTMS Training Guide Posted 2/10/20 7:15 AM
Leadership Tools: Performance Management
Group of Links   Leadership Tools: Performance Management - Peoplefluent Performance Management website: https://carrollhospitaltm.peoplefluent.com/loginAction.action (You MUST Reset Your Password)
PDF Document **FY19 Pay for Performance Matrix Posted 9/14/18 10:58 AM
Video Link **Peoplefluent Training and Refresher Video


Posted 8/8/18 7:16 PM
PDF Document 90 Day Review Form for Transferred Associates Use for non-primary position only. Posted 1/3/12 10:58 AM
Word Document 90 Day/6 Month Review Form: Newly Hired Associates The first part of this form must be completed at 90 days and the second half at 6 months of employment for all new hires. Use for non-primary positions only. Posted 9/30/19 2:01 PM
Word Document Action Plan This form helps you create a plan with associates who received a Partial or Minimal contributor rating. Posted 2/15/12 11:18 AM
PDF Document Clinical Ladder Addendum Posted 3/12/12 8:51 AM
PDF Document High - Solid - Low Rating Grid Posted 9/15/14 4:34 PM
PDF Document New Hire Departmental Orientation Checklist Posted 12/29/17 12:36 AM
PDF Document Peoplefluent Performance Management Refresher Guide Posted 7/21/16 12:27 AM
PDF Document Performance Management Training Guide Posted 2/15/12 11:13 AM
PDF Document Performance Management Workflows Posted 2/15/12 11:12 AM
PDF Document Rating Definitions Posted 2/15/12 11:18 AM
PDF Document Recommended Words A useful Thesaurus tool to use when working on Associate reviews Posted 3/12/12 9:01 AM
Leadership Tools: Recruitment
Retirement Notification Form
PDF Document   Retirement Notification Form - The Associate retirement notification form must be completed in its entirety and sent to the individual's HR business partner with a copy to Bev Mason, HR executive assistant. Posted 3/9/20 12:21 AM
Rounding Stoplight and Thank You Note Forms/Reports
Group of Links   Rounding Stoplight and Thank You Note Forms/Reports - Also consider using LB Points
Other Link Type Stoplight & Thank You Notes Posted 1/17/19 8:36 AM
The Leadership Evaluation Tool
Group of Links   The Leadership Evaluation Tool - The Leadership Evaluation Tool is currently down for maintenance.
Union Free Environment
PDF Document   Union Free Environment Posted 3/12/12 9:13 AM